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  1. Riddle, van, stellar's rating of the film Black Snow

    Highly Recommended. a successful, realistic demonstration of the emptiness brought about by the changes of time. Isolated from the progressing nation, past memories remain shackles of a substantial living; prison times become a barrier to gaining psychological enrichment. The ending hinted no fate, it is merely a perplexed illusion comprising the epochal transition.

  2. Miggy Angel's rating of the film Black Snow

  3. Güven Şahinkanat's rating of the film Black Snow

    when he was asking his friend who took lend money , that guy explained what he made with money with an absurd expression , plus some kierkegaardish quotes . That was a good scene... because it emphasizes no matter what yo do in life has a bad results .Every behavior doesnt meant that it was an exit point.every behavior cause new troubles together .

  4. InsertOzuReferencehere's rating of the film Black Snow

    I would go out my way and say it's one of the best Chinese films ever. If you are going to show a tough guy crying, that's how you do it.