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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Rafael Fonseca's rating of the film Black Torment

    A pleasure for completionists, this lost project is an entertaining look at the pre-fab structures and telefilm aesthetics present, notably and enjoyably the "british giallo" gothic elements (the opening chase of a big-bosomed dame by an invisible killer is notable, as well as the forest shots of ghosts and horses), the lousy acting, the convoluted soap plot (final post-double-twist-sword-fight included) et al.

  2. José Neves's rating of the film Black Torment

    Digital. There is no spark of cinema in this unclassifiable crap.

  3. Edna Sweetlove's rating of the film Black Torment

    Better than most Hammers. Mainly because it isn't a Hammer. Its predictability adds to its archaic charm. Only a total retard wouldn't spot the baddies after the first 10 minutes.