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  1. Nick Schwab's rating of the film Black Water

    Like this same-year's other killer croc Aussie flick, Rogue, Black Water relies more on the crocodile as an off-screen terrorizer as much as it does for action. Its sense of threat is still palpable and there're tense scenes: Adam finally going for the boat and Lee's last stand. The final scene with the two women may be quite emotional, yet the film focuses on what-do-we-do plot more than character far too often.

  2. vordven's rating of the film Black Water

  3. Gustavo Razera's rating of the film Black Water

    The usual suspects of botching the horror genre: maddeningly stupid character decisions, flimsy characterizations, unbelievable plot contrivances, shoddy mise-en-scène, lackluster cinematography and, worst of all, tedium.

  4. HKFanatic's rating of the film Black Water

    An above-average thriller thanks to use of real crocodiles instead of CG beasts. Good performances, solid direction, and an almost unbearable level of anxiety and tension as the viewer is asked to place themselves in this life-or-death situation and figure out what they would do.