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  1. Photo of James Crump

    James Crump Director, Producer Screenplay

  2. Photo of Sam Wagstaff

    Sam Wagstaff Self

  3. Photo of Robert Mapplethorpe

    Robert Mapplethorpe Self

  4. Photo of Pierre Apraxine

    Pierre Apraxine Self

  5. Photo of Dick Cavett

    Dick Cavett Self

  6. Photo of Dominick Dunne

    Dominick Dunne Self

  7. Photo of Timothy Greenfield-Sanders

    Timothy Greenfield-Sanders Self

  8. Photo of Ingrid Sischy

    Ingrid Sischy Self

  9. Photo of Patti Smith

    Patti Smith Self

  10. Photo of Truman Capote

    Truman Capote Self

  11. Photo of Henry Geldzahler

    Henry Geldzahler Self

  12. Photo of Joan Juliet Buck

    Joan Juliet Buck Self

  13. Photo of Eugenia Parry

    Eugenia Parry Self

  14. Photo of Jeffrey Fraenkel

    Jeffrey Fraenkel Self

  15. Photo of Clark Worswick

    Clark Worswick Self

  16. Photo of Ralph Gibson

    Ralph Gibson Self

  17. Photo of Holly Solomon

    Holly Solomon Self

  18. Photo of Jean-Jacques Naudet

    Jean-Jacques Naudet Self

  19. Photo of Agnes Martin

    Agnes Martin Self

  20. Photo of Richard Tuttle

    Richard Tuttle Self

  21. Photo of Tony Smith

    Tony Smith Self

  22. Photo of John Szarkowski

    John Szarkowski Self

  23. Photo of Philippe Garner

    Philippe Garner Self

  24. Photo of Raymond Foye

    Raymond Foye Self

  25. Photo of Tukey Koffend

    Tukey Koffend Self

  26. Photo of Paul Walter

    Paul Walter Self

  27. Photo of John Richardson

    John Richardson Self

  28. Photo of Christopher Felver

    Christopher Felver Cinematography

  29. Photo of Harry Geller

    Harry Geller Cinematography

  30. Photo of Eric Koziol

    Eric Koziol Cinematography

  31. Photo of Paul Lundahl

    Paul Lundahl Cinematography

  32. Photo of J. Ralph

    J. Ralph Music

  33. Photo of Stanley F. Buchthal

    Stanley F. Buchthal Executive Producer

  34. Photo of Maja Hoffmann

    Maja Hoffmann Executive Producer

  35. Photo of David Koh

    David Koh Executive Producer and Cinematography

  36. Photo of Dave Giles

    Dave Giles Editing