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  1. Photo of Yves Yersin

    Yves Yersin Director, Editing, Cinematography Producer

  2. Photo of Gilbert Hirschi

    Gilbert Hirschi Cast

  3. Photo of Debora Ferrari

    Debora Ferrari Cast

  4. Photo of Sophie Jacot

    Sophie Jacot Cast

  5. Photo of Dylan Jacot

    Dylan Jacot Cast

  6. Photo of Cindy Christen

    Cindy Christen Cast

  7. Photo of Inoé Wenger

    Inoé Wenger Cast

  8. Photo of Alice Perret

    Alice Perret Cast

  9. Photo of Aloïs Ducommun

    Aloïs Ducommun Cast

  10. Photo of Chloé Christen

    Chloé Christen Cast

  11. Photo of David Da Souza Santos

    David Da Souza Santos Cast

  12. Photo of Noémie Page

    Noémie Page Cast

  13. Photo of Myriam Jacot

    Myriam Jacot Cast

  14. Photo of Amélia Ducommun

    Amélia Ducommun Cast

  15. Photo of Gaëlle Christen

    Gaëlle Christen Cast

  16. Photo of Patrick Tresch

    Patrick Tresch Cinematography

  17. Photo of Philippe Bizet

    Philippe Bizet Producer

  18. Photo of Jean-Baptiste Perrin

    Jean-Baptiste Perrin Editing

  19. Photo of Mamouda Zekrya

    Mamouda Zekrya Editing

  20. Photo of Aurélie Mertenat

    Aurélie Mertenat Sound

  21. Photo of Luc Yersin

    Luc Yersin Sound