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  1. Photo of Lorenzo Gicca Palli

    Lorenzo Gicca Palli Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of George Martin

    George Martin Screenplay and Cast

  3. Photo of Terence Hill

    Terence Hill Cast

  4. Photo of Bud Spencer

    Bud Spencer Cast

  5. Photo of Silvia Monti

    Silvia Monti Cast

  6. Photo of Diana Lorys

    Diana Lorys Cast

  7. Photo of Mónica Randall

    Mónica Randall Cast

  8. Photo of Salvatore Borgese

    Salvatore Borgese Cast

  9. Photo of Pasquale Basile

    Pasquale Basile Cast

  10. Photo of Fernando Bilbao

    Fernando Bilbao Cast

  11. Photo of Aldo Cecconi

    Aldo Cecconi Cast

  12. Photo of Paolo Magalotti

    Paolo Magalotti Cast

  13. Photo of Gustavo Re

    Gustavo Re Cast

  14. Photo of Luciano Pigozzi

    Luciano Pigozzi Cast

  15. Photo of Carlo Reali

    Carlo Reali Cast

  16. Photo of Edmund Purdom

    Edmund Purdom Cast

  17. Photo of Giuliano Dell'Ovo

    Giuliano Dell'Ovo Cast

  18. Photo of Luciano Catenacci

    Luciano Catenacci Cast

  19. Photo of Veriano Ginesi

    Veriano Ginesi Cast

  20. Photo of Amerigo Santarelli

    Amerigo Santarelli Cast

  21. Photo of Franco Ukmar

    Franco Ukmar Cast

  22. Photo of Giovanni Ukmar

    Giovanni Ukmar Cast

  23. Photo of Jaime Deu Casas

    Jaime Deu Casas Cinematography

  24. Photo of Gino Peguri

    Gino Peguri Music

  25. Photo of Giuseppe Cesare Monello

    Giuseppe Cesare Monello Production Design

  26. Photo of Juan Alberto Soler

    Juan Alberto Soler Production Design

  27. Photo of Gabriele Silvestri

    Gabriele Silvestri Producer

  28. Photo of Romeo Ciatti

    Romeo Ciatti Editing

  29. Photo of Goffredo Salvatori

    Goffredo Salvatori Sound