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  1. Photo of Thanasis Papathanasiou

    Thanasis Papathanasiou Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Michalis Reppas

    Michalis Reppas Screenplay and Director

  3. Photo of Elena Hatzialexandrou

    Elena Hatzialexandrou Producer

  4. Photo of Roula Nicolaou

    Roula Nicolaou Executive Producer

  5. Photo of Nikos Kypourgos

    Nikos Kypourgos Music

  6. Photo of Lefteris Pavopoulos

    Lefteris Pavopoulos Cinematography

  7. Photo of Ioanna Spiliopoulou

    Ioanna Spiliopoulou Editing

  8. Photo of Antonis Daglidis

    Antonis Daglidis Production Design

  9. Photo of Dinos Kittou

    Dinos Kittou Sound

  10. Photo of Nena Menti

    Nena Menti Cast

  11. Photo of Maria Kavoyianni

    Maria Kavoyianni Cast

  12. Photo of Akilas Karazisis

    Akilas Karazisis Cast

  13. Photo of Joys Evidi

    Joys Evidi Cast

  14. Photo of Alexis Georgoulis

    Alexis Georgoulis Cast

  15. Photo of Jeannie Papadopoulou

    Jeannie Papadopoulou Cast

  16. Photo of Yannis Tsimitselis

    Yannis Tsimitselis Cast

  17. Photo of Alexandros Antonopoulos

    Alexandros Antonopoulos Cast

  18. Photo of Anna Kyriakou

    Anna Kyriakou Cast

  19. Photo of Giorgos Gerontidakis-Sempetadelis

    Giorgos Gerontidakis-Sempetadelis Cast

  20. Photo of Jenny Theona

    Jenny Theona Cast