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  1. riraru's rating of the film Blank City

    Von dieser Richtung hatte ich vorher nie gehört, geschweige denn etwas gesehen. Umso spannender, hiermit in diesen Kosmos eingeführt zu werden. Hey MUBI - Zeig doch mal was aus dieser Zeit!

  2. David Sindmark Hörnfeldt's rating of the film Blank City

    This movie tells a really interesting story for the first half, 50 minutes maybe, about amatures creating their own art scene. Then it becomes about chocking people and porn and violence which didn't interest me at all. Take it as you will.

  3. EdieEmm's rating of the film Blank City

    I love these people, so it's hard for me to separate that from the filmmaking. But I liked Danhier's gender-balance, and the way the energy matched the subject, and that none of the interviews ever felt like talking heads, and there was exactly enough context and structure - not so much that it ever felt academic; not so little that it was indulgent. So cool I (literally) took notes. Liked it a lot. 3.5

  4. Ozu_Teapot's rating of the film Blank City

    (3.5) A kind of frustrating documentary because I so often found myself wishing the interviewees could talk for longer or in greater detail, but still very interesting.

  5. Dimpfelmoser66's rating of the film Blank City

    A very entertaining documentary, although it doesn't really make you wanna watch all the films that get teased throughout the 90+ minutes. Unless you are into trashy violence and nudity, in which case you've probably seen them all before. I wonder if the filmmaker had planned to portray the prime movers as a bunch of self obsessed and talentless snobs, or it that was just a accidental side effect.

  6. Rafael's rating of the film Blank City

    Me personally too self-righteous.   The underlying message "oh once was everything so much more creative and better" bores me. Nevertheless, I am grateful to the one or the other, from the documentary, for great movies!

  7. Eric Rucker's rating of the film Blank City

    "To me the most important thing is the power of ideas, and expression, and in a way it's the most powerful thing that humans have. So I like to think about all the lying, murdering thugs who have all the political power and financial power; all of that power is not equal to the power of ideas. So I just say: forget about the past; bring on the future." —Jim Jarmusch

  8. Dory Bakiewicz Ehmer's rating of the film Blank City

  9. Matt Piland's rating of the film Blank City

    Holy shit, what a creative time.

  10. tintinmugshot's rating of the film Blank City

  11. greyladycine's rating of the film Blank City

    I wasn't really interested in seeing this but it was expiring so I thought I'd give it a few minutes. I was hooked almost immediately. Now watching DOWNTOWN 81 and STRANGER THAN PARADISE is at the top of my list. What a great time to have been making films with no inhibitions. "People coming together who just needed to get it out."

  12. Tyler Barton's rating of the film Blank City

    An interesting documentary about a time/place in movie history I knew nothing about.

  13. caitlin.f's rating of the film Blank City

    not enough people of color or queer people.

  14. Kevin's rating of the film Blank City

    I recently watched the documentary about George Harrison, and get the same sense of purpose about this time period. Incidentally, many of these films are available for rent at Facets Multimedia in Chicago. Personally, I prefer Fassbinder.

  15. Max Seqgar's rating of the film Blank City

    Great "to view list"! Mubi, how about showing some of these???

  16. Leco's rating of the film Blank City

    I was totally hooked by this film, watching the birth of No Wave Cinema, its implosion and then the natural progression into Cinema of Transgression - all of it bounded by that era's soundtrack, snapshots taken off movies made back then, rounded up by a lot of accountings from people that were actually there, in the scene. Great documentary!

  17.'s rating of the film Blank City

    A raw view of NY filmmaking that quite honestly just doesn't exist any more.

  18. dAlton Anthony's rating of the film Blank City

    Not because I would watch one of these movies again. And not that I actually revere these filmmakers for their courage, aesthetic brilliance or the profundity of their ideas. But in the split second before MTV and Walmart suffocated us all these suburban kids had the foresight to record their suicide. Ironic that their artistic pretenses were swallowed up by their decadence and black youth's hip hop culture.

  19. Alexander Dunkelberger's rating of the film Blank City

    Interesting documentary about a style of film I’m not that interested in. I really didn’t know anything about the no-wave movement, and aside from punk rock knew nothing about New York in that time period (not including Warhol and VU, but that was earlier). It was awesome seeing familiar faces like Buscemi and Jarmusch, and I really had no idea that they came from that world. Intriguing throughout.

  20. Rice Dream Girl's rating of the film Blank City

    I probably would have enjoyed this more had my knowledge of these directors extended beyond Jarmusch. An interesting doc, though no case is really made for the value of the Cinema of Transgression. Zedd's contributions here are totally obnoxious, and afterward I watched a couple shorts by him and Kern which were boring and incompetent. They seem to be self-satisfied punks who never grew out of the angsty teen phase.

  21. Ernie Tremper's rating of the film Blank City

    Great overview of a neglected and maligned but utterly fascinating and vital part of American culture. (And how about that soundtrack? "Is it all over my face?...")

  22. Morris Bros.'s rating of the film Blank City

  23. El Biffo's rating of the film Blank City

    Doesn't matter that this film has no style, it it's a great history of a forgotten period of cinema that burst out of NYC in 1977-84 like a huge pimple waiting to explode. This had me pausing & adding films to my "Want-to-watch" list every few minutes. I had seen some of them, but I'm still looking for others, like MINUS ZERO and THE WAY IT IS. And when Lydia L. mentioned Placidyl it brought back foggy 70's memories.

  24. Louis Matta's rating of the film Blank City

    Drags its feet a bit in the final thirty minutes, but still a very insightful documentary on an era/movement of film that is rarely discussed.

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