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  1. saitosouta's rating of the film Blank

    Now globally, minimalism is broadly provoked (See Romanian New Wave, Greek Weird Wave, Michael Franco & Amat Escarante in Mexico etc..) and this movie is interestingly connected with that fashion. Surprisingly bleak, Mercilessly bleak, Bleakly bleak. I like this bleakness, this movie's title "Blank" (MUBI)

  2. db's rating of the film Blank

    Pretty grim. Found it fairly hard going, but stuck it out, and am glad I did, as a lot of care was obviously taken in the making of this. Not sure I;d ever need to revisit it, though, nor that I know anyone I'd rush to recommend it to.

  3. Doriane Brioude Tudury's rating of the film Blank

    Mon prog pour ce soir ! Merci Clotilde !

  4. MarX's rating of the film Blank

  5. Martin's rating of the film Blank

    Intriguing. Deeply moving.

  6. eftaylor's rating of the film Blank

    Will remind one of Bergman's Persona.

  7. Stu Witmer's rating of the film Blank

    This haunting study of two women becoming absent is absolutely absorbing in its solemnly paced brief 75 minutes. The acting is superb.... (more at my wall... apparently I wrote too much to fit here.)

  8. FailedImitator's rating of the film Blank

    Very definition of "slice of life". Even though it wasn't as thought-provoking as I thought I'd be, I quite enjoyed it. Very absorbing and beautifully photographed, but like the film's main character, I'll probably forget about it in a few days.