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  1. Photo of Chuck Russell

    Chuck Russell Director

  2. Photo of Cathy Cash Spellman

    Cathy Cash Spellman Screenplay

  3. Photo of Thomas Rickman

    Thomas Rickman Screenplay

  4. Photo of Clifford Green

    Clifford Green Screenplay

  5. Photo of Ellen Green

    Ellen Green Screenplay

  6. Photo of Christina Ricci

    Christina Ricci Cast

  7. Photo of Kim Basinger

    Kim Basinger Cast

  8. Photo of Jimmy Smits

    Jimmy Smits Cast

  9. Photo of Holliston Coleman

    Holliston Coleman Cast

  10. Photo of Rufus Sewell

    Rufus Sewell Cast

  11. Photo of Angela Bettis

    Angela Bettis Cast

  12. Photo of Peter Menzies Jr.

    Peter Menzies Jr. Cinematography

  13. Photo of Christopher Young

    Christopher Young Music

  14. Photo of Mace Neufeld

    Mace Neufeld Producer

  15. Photo of Stratton Leopold

    Stratton Leopold Producer

  16. Photo of Bruce Davey

    Bruce Davey Executive Producer

  17. Photo of Lis Kern

    Lis Kern Executive Producer

  18. Photo of Robert Rehme

    Robert Rehme Executive Producer

  19. Photo of Alan Heim

    Alan Heim Editing

  20. Photo of Carol Spier

    Carol Spier Editing