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  1. Photo of Phillip Noyce

    Phillip Noyce Director

  2. Photo of Ryôzô Kasahara

    Ryôzô Kasahara Screenplay

  3. Photo of Charles Robert Carner

    Charles Robert Carner Screenplay

  4. Photo of Rutger Hauer

    Rutger Hauer Cast

  5. Photo of Terry O'Quinn

    Terry O'Quinn Cast

  6. Photo of Brandon Call

    Brandon Call Cast

  7. Photo of Noble Willingham

    Noble Willingham Cast

  8. Photo of Lisa Blount

    Lisa Blount Cast

  9. Photo of Nick Cassavetes

    Nick Cassavetes Cast

  10. Photo of Rick Overton

    Rick Overton Cast

  11. Photo of Randall "Tex" Cobb

    Randall "Tex" Cobb Cast

  12. Photo of Charles Cooper

    Charles Cooper Cast

  13. Photo of Meg Foster

    Meg Foster Cast

  14. Photo of Sho Kosugi

    Sho Kosugi Cast

  15. Photo of Paul James Vasquez

    Paul James Vasquez Cast

  16. Photo of Julia González

    Julia González Cast

  17. Photo of Woody Watson

    Woody Watson Cast

  18. Photo of Alex Morris

    Alex Morris Cast

  19. Photo of Mark Fickert

    Mark Fickert Cast

  20. Photo of Weasel Forshaw

    Weasel Forshaw Cast

  21. Photo of Roy Morgan

    Roy Morgan Cast

  22. Photo of Tim Mateer

    Tim Mateer Cast

  23. Photo of Sharon Shackelford

    Sharon Shackelford Cast

  24. Photo of Don Burgess

    Don Burgess Cinematography

  25. Photo of J. Peter Robinson

    J. Peter Robinson Music

  26. Photo of Peter Murton

    Peter Murton Production Design

  27. Photo of Daniel Grodnik

    Daniel Grodnik Producer

  28. Photo of Tim Matheson

    Tim Matheson Producer

  29. Photo of Robert W. Cort

    Robert W. Cort Executive Producer

  30. Photo of David Madden

    David Madden Executive Producer

  31. Photo of David A. Simmons

    David A. Simmons Editing

  32. Photo of William Grigg

    William Grigg Sound

  33. Photo of Katherine Dover

    Katherine Dover Costume Design