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Blind Husbands
Erich von Stroheim United States, 1919
The peaks and precipices of human relationships, in a forthright style distilled from Griffith and Zola. Certainly the bedrock for the Riefenstahl-Fanck Weimar epics, though for Stroheim these alpine heights don’t warrant glory so much as they dissolve our civilized armors and bring us closer to the vultures.
February 04, 2013
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A fabulously mean movie, with von Stroheim sending himself up as the shady European “man of sophistication” preying upon ignorant Americans.
December 16, 2012
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Few filmmakers have matched von Stroheim’s ability to imbue a glance, a gesture, or a simple physical feature with limitless depths of perversion and cynicism, and while BLIND HUSBANDS, his first directorial effort, is neither his most extraordinary nor his most alarming film, it is nonetheless a prototypical film, showing all of his viciousness and languorous villainies to their unvarnished fullest.
December 07, 2012
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Starring, in his first major role, as Lieutenant Erich von Steuben, [Stroheim] offers a vivid, caustic, witty, and ironic self-portrait as “the man you love to hate,” as Stroheim the actor was described in the ads.
November 01, 2008
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