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Ratings & Reviews

  1. lockworm's rating of the film Bliss

    My favourite movie from Turkey. Brilliant cinematography, the introductory cattle scene is gold.

  2. Paris's rating of the film Bliss

    Özgü Namal is absolutely pulchritudinous! Wonderful film.

  3. rita amal's rating of the film Bliss

    acting is solid but it's still hard to relate

  4. AlexanderKR's rating of the film Bliss

    Beautiful cinematography however this movie has a tendency to go overboard in multiple ways. It gets overly cinematic (if you know what i mean) and gets border line corny a lot of the time. It also feels like it never lets the actors just breath and do their thing either. Perhaps it needed better editing to help with this.

  5. toeachiscinema's rating of the film Bliss

    Not far from Ceylan in terms of cinematography. The opening scene is unforgettable, wonderfully shot.