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  1. marco's rating of the film Block

  2. knyhnsjc's rating of the film Block

    Nice concepts, but the storytelling seems too dull for me. The visual perspectives play of moving from one block to the other looks somewhat flawed. A dark sparks in the ending gives a fresh touch, though. However, that's how everything goes in reality. Dull. Misplaced. Dark, at times...or at the end slash beginning (because the end equals the start?). Or it's just in my reality, I suppose.

  3. elif jazel's rating of the film Block

    I liked the idea. script seems to be weak. but still, its a unique work.

  4. Aprilia Gunawan's rating of the film Block

    C'est l'animation plus réaliste que j'avais vue, elle est même meilleure que celles de nos jours. Cela me rappelle Tango de Zbigniew Rybczyński. Incroyable!