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Ratings & Reviews

  1. novanindro's rating of the film Block C

    the worst demirkubuz's work, not really promising start but you can feel his very own signature in it

  2. narcekirdegi's rating of the film Block C

    the director considers the film as the worst of his works but i consider personally the best of his. the cast is perfect, the approach is so honest and faamiliar. this is what i wanna see on the screen. even the sickness with awareness.

  3. msmichel's rating of the film Block C

    An interesting performance by the female lead fails to make this meandering work something of merit. Demirkubuz has evolved into one of the better known turkish new wave directors but one would find little evidence in this his first feature to support that. Hallucinatory and introspective are transparent shileds not disquising the works lack of maturity or development.

  4. kvyrv's rating of the film Block C

    take classic women in existential crisis stereotype, add ballardian obsessions w/architecture and sex and cars, voila

  5. Evan Schafer's rating of the film Block C

    I think the best word to describe Block C is "meandering". It never really focuses too hard on any of the main characters that live in the building of block C, but instead beats around the bush and significantly lacks dialogue that would clarify these storylines. This isn't to say the story isn't coherent, and even reeks of American love cliches, but it is allover a bit too avant-garde to make a clear statement.

  6. Mert Kaya's rating of the film Block C

    I feel sure Zeki Demirkubuz got inspiration from Ballard's Crash. And I doubt Cronenberg's cinema adaptation of Crash (from 1996) got inspiration from this movie. Who knows.