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  1. Photo of Hans Marquardt

    Hans Marquardt Cast

  2. Photo of Erika Rabau

    Erika Rabau Cast

  3. Photo of Hendrike Meier

    Hendrike Meier Cast

  4. Photo of Ulrike Schirm

    Ulrike Schirm Cast

  5. Photo of Harald Eberhard

    Harald Eberhard Cast

  6. Photo of Dorothea Moritz

    Dorothea Moritz Cast

  7. Photo of Heike Hanold-Lynch

    Heike Hanold-Lynch Cast

  8. Photo of Carl Andersen

    Carl Andersen Cast

  9. Photo of Andrea Reinschmidt

    Andrea Reinschmidt Cast

  10. Photo of Nilgün Taifun

    Nilgün Taifun Cast

  11. Photo of Baduri

    Baduri Cast

  12. Photo of Ennio Curcetti

    Ennio Curcetti Cast

  13. Photo of Norbert Tefelski

    Norbert Tefelski Cast

  14. Photo of Heiko Behrens

    Heiko Behrens Cast

  15. Photo of Renata Soleymany

    Renata Soleymany Cast

  16. Photo of Dirk Schütt

    Dirk Schütt Cast

  17. Photo of Matthias Heine

    Matthias Heine Cast

  18. Photo of Irene Schweitzer

    Irene Schweitzer Cast

  19. Photo of Manuel Flurin Hendry

    Manuel Flurin Hendry Cast

  20. Photo of Evelyn Künneke

    Evelyn Künneke Cast

  21. Photo of Marion Michael

    Marion Michael Cast

  22. Photo of Albert Kittler

    Albert Kittler Music and Cinematography

  23. Photo of Lothar Lambert

    Lothar Lambert Producer, Director, Cinematography, Editing & 2 more
    Lothar Lambert Producer, Director, Cinematography, Editing, Cast, Screenplay

  24. Photo of Michael Sittner

    Michael Sittner Sound and Cast