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  1. Jason's rating of the film Blonde Venus

    I had not seen BLONDE VENUS for a very long time. Also: I used to, uh, tipple. Heavily. I remembered the gorilla outfit, naturally. You literally cannot forget the gorilla outfit. I remembered BV as a sucrose-heavy camp confection. As well I might have! The most blatant (subversive) attempt by von Sternberg to mount a Dietrich vehicle beholden to "woman's picture" templates. Its emotional power sneaks up on you.

  2. Aardsy's rating of the film Blonde Venus

    They rise about the tropes and cliches.

  3. Jdsarmientoburgos's rating of the film Blonde Venus

    Sternberg and Dietrich were a power couple from Germany that made six films together, with Blonde Venus being my personal favorite by far. Merlene plays the night club singer/dancer that runs away from her wealthy man with their son. Part-fun night club Hollywood glamor/musical, and part strong unstoppable independent woman doing whatever the hell she wants.

  4. eugenie de sade's rating of the film Blonde Venus

    Somethin easy to say and hard to forget

  5. petit astronaute's rating of the film Blonde Venus

  6. msmichel's rating of the film Blonde Venus

    Classic melodrama from director Josef von Sternberg with an iconic turn by Marlene Dietrich. Dietrich's portrayal of a woman who makes sacrifices to save her husband only to have him spurn her for infidelity is a wonder to behold. Beautifully shot and constructed throughout visually married with a solid pre-code script.

  7. FISCHER's rating of the film Blonde Venus

    Un scénario qui a beaucoup vieilli, mais il reste la grande Marlène...

  8. CarlosEsquives's rating of the film Blonde Venus

    A pesar de que aún no entraba en orden el Código Hays, esta película de Sternberg anula con cuidado esos instantes "embarazosos" sobre una mujer llevando una vida cuestionable para la moral. "La venus rubia" pueda que sea memorable por ser un drama social sobre una sobrevivencia o la pobreza.

  9. "Mother" Gin Sling's rating of the film Blonde Venus

  10. Duncan Gray's rating of the film Blonde Venus

    Not the best Dietrich-Sternberg, but it occupies a special place because while she's usually paired with boring lunks, here she's opposite Herbert Marshall and Cary Grant, who can't help but be interesting. Of course, she steamrolls them, her eyes reacting to every little irony of the roles women have to play. A parable of parenthood, for a society that can't accept the mother and the whore might be the same person.

  11. Log Lady's rating of the film Blonde Venus

    Fairly non-b&w characterizations, but a lot more straightforward both stylistically and in content in my opinion than the better Sternberg/Dietrich collaborations. Without Dietrich this would have been forgotten ages ago, and the string of clichés and the dud of an ending would be pointed out by a lot more people.

  12. nessmj's rating of the film Blonde Venus

    von Sternberg and Dietrich consistently killing the game. Dietrich never cast in a light that is inherently condemning. I found this to be a pretty reasonable approach to the ambiguities regarding faithfulness, a mother's and wife's love, what it means to be a woman at the behest of patriarchy, cruelty by those spurned and ego. not my favorite of their collaborations thus far, still absolutely lovely.

  13. Maudealan's rating of the film Blonde Venus

    Really really good except for obviously "Hot Voodoo"

  14. Stian Gledje Bekkvik's rating of the film Blonde Venus

    There is something sublime about a carachter that remains a symbol while developing into a true human.

  15. Edna Sweetlove's rating of the film Blonde Venus

    In any world worth its salt, Marlene would have ditched those two dreary, drippy douchebags and gone instead with cool, carefree Cary.

  16. Artem Eihart's rating of the film Blonde Venus

    down to gehenna or up to the throne he travels fastest who travels alone

  17. Warren Spratley's rating of the film Blonde Venus

    It's clear to me now that Sternberg only makes masterpieces, damn the imperfections(I have not found any thus far). A baroque style serves as a revolutionary mean to a revolutionary end. Wood states this as the central Sternberg/Dietrich theme: " How does a woman, and at what cost, assert herself within an overwhelmingly male-dominated world?" Sternberg: a materialist, modernist, feminist image-maker.

  18. josé neves's rating of the film Blonde Venus

    Cinematography by Bert Glennon.

  19. Wayne Emme's rating of the film Blonde Venus

    Saw this at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood in May it was amazing.

  20. Howard Fritzson's rating of the film Blonde Venus

    I love the way she goes from the absolute dregs of society to being the Toast Of Broadway in the very next scene. What a leap! The camerawork is beyond praise.

  21. Karthik's rating of the film Blonde Venus

    Blonde Venus is perhaps the nuttiest of the films with Dietrich, where the plot is reduced to a string of cliches, the locales reduced to stereotype, & even the passional conflict between value & instinct, still so unmediated in Morocco ironized: an automatism like the broken porcelain carousel of the last shot? The entire interest is displaced onto gesture divorced from motivation, onto props, eyes, shadows & masks.

  22. ExperimentoFilm's rating of the film Blonde Venus

    "My conscience wants to take a vacation."

  23. İlke Mısra Uzun's rating of the film Blonde Venus

    Down to Gehenna, or up to the Throne, He travels the fastest who travels alone.

  24. Dave's rating of the film Blonde Venus

    A "von Sternberg-ian" fairy tale of sorts, where a relationship has a storybook genesis and is then renewed at the recounting of the tale. OF course, every step of the way, things unfold with von Sternberg's visual flourishes. And while his films can sometimes be accused of lack of character development, I love how in this one everyone seems be both sympathetic and contemptible at times. Highly recommended.

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