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  1. Photo of Andrew Dominik

    Andrew Dominik Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Joyce Carol Oates

    Joyce Carol Oates Novel

  3. Photo of Ana de Armas

    Ana de Armas Cast

  4. Photo of Adrien Brody

    Adrien Brody Cast

  5. Photo of Bobby Cannavale

    Bobby Cannavale Cast

  6. Photo of Julianne Nicholson

    Julianne Nicholson Cast

  7. Photo of Caspar Phillipson

    Caspar Phillipson Cast

  8. Photo of Toby Huss

    Toby Huss Cast

  9. Photo of Sara Paxton

    Sara Paxton Cast

  10. Photo of David Warshofsky

    David Warshofsky Cast

  11. Photo of Evan Williams

    Evan Williams Cast

  12. Photo of Xavier Samuel

    Xavier Samuel Cast

  13. Photo of Garret Dillahunt

    Garret Dillahunt Cast

  14. Photo of Scoot McNairy

    Scoot McNairy Cast

  15. Photo of Lucy DeVito

    Lucy DeVito Cast

  16. Photo of Michael Masini

    Michael Masini Cast

  17. Photo of Spencer Garrett

    Spencer Garrett Cast

  18. Photo of Chris Lemmon

    Chris Lemmon Cast

  19. Photo of Rebecca Wisocky

    Rebecca Wisocky Cast

  20. Photo of Ned Bellamy

    Ned Bellamy Cast

  21. Photo of Dan Butler

    Dan Butler Cast

  22. Photo of Chayse Irvin

    Chayse Irvin Cinematography

  23. Photo of Florencia Martin

    Florencia Martin Production Design

  24. Photo of Dede Gardner

    Dede Gardner Producer

  25. Photo of Jeremy Kleiner

    Jeremy Kleiner Producer

  26. Photo of Tracey Landon

    Tracey Landon Producer

  27. Photo of Brad Pitt

    Brad Pitt Producer

  28. Photo of Scott Robertson

    Scott Robertson Producer

  29. Photo of Adam Robinson

    Adam Robinson Editing

  30. Photo of Melanie Ghisays

    Melanie Ghisays Costume Design

  31. Photo of Jennifer Johnson

    Jennifer Johnson Costume Design