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  1. Photo of Émilie Aussel

    Émilie Aussel Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Noé Bengorine-Chaumeil

    Noé Bengorine-Chaumeil Cast

  3. Photo of Angélique Pagnon

    Angélique Pagnon Cast

  4. Photo of Hamza Baggour

    Hamza Baggour Cast

  5. Photo of Faris Tighilt

    Faris Tighilt Cast

  6. Photo of Noémie Casari

    Noémie Casari Cast

  7. Photo of Sabrina Benhamed

    Sabrina Benhamed Cast

  8. Photo of Adam Pringuet

    Adam Pringuet Cast

  9. Photo of Mathieu Bertholet

    Mathieu Bertholet Cinematography

  10. Photo of Thomas Ordonneau

    Thomas Ordonneau Executive Producer

  11. Photo of Enrica Gattolini

    Enrica Gattolini Editing