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  1. Photo of Gordon Flemyng

    Gordon Flemyng Director

  2. Photo of Thomas Middleton

    Thomas Middleton Play

  3. Photo of Gene Anderson

    Gene Anderson Cast

  4. Photo of Godfrey Quigley

    Godfrey Quigley Cast

  5. Photo of Michael Barrington

    Michael Barrington Cast

  6. Photo of Karin Fernald

    Karin Fernald Cast

  7. Photo of Laurence Payne

    Laurence Payne Cast

  8. Photo of Derek Newark

    Derek Newark Cast

  9. Photo of Diana Rigg

    Diana Rigg Cast

  10. Photo of Clifford Evans

    Clifford Evans Cast

  11. Photo of William Gaunt

    William Gaunt Cast

  12. Photo of Philip Mackie

    Philip Mackie Producer and Screenplay