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  1. Photo of Stephanie Rothman

    Stephanie Rothman Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of William Campbell

    William Campbell Cast

  3. Photo of Marissa Mathes

    Marissa Mathes Cast

  4. Photo of Sandra Knight

    Sandra Knight Cast

  5. Photo of Lori Saunders

    Lori Saunders Cast

  6. Photo of Karl Schanzer

    Karl Schanzer Cast

  7. Photo of Biff Elliot

    Biff Elliot Cast

  8. Photo of Sid Haig

    Sid Haig Cast

  9. Photo of Jonathan Haze

    Jonathan Haze Cast

  10. Photo of Roger Corman

    Roger Corman Cast and Executive Producer

  11. Photo of Jac Flanders

    Jac Flanders Cast

  12. Photo of Patrick Magee

    Patrick Magee Cast

  13. Photo of Steve Pendleton

    Steve Pendleton Cast

  14. Photo of Alfred Taylor

    Alfred Taylor Cinematography

  15. Photo of Ronald Stein

    Ronald Stein Music

  16. Photo of Mark Lowry

    Mark Lowry Music

  17. Photo of Jack Hill

    Jack Hill Producer, Screenplay Director

  18. Photo of Candace Kane

    Candace Kane Editing

  19. Photo of Gary Kurtz

    Gary Kurtz Sound

  20. Photo of James Bruner

    James Bruner Art Department