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  1. Photo of Bill Rebane

    Bill Rebane Director, Cinematography Executive Producer

  2. Photo of Tiny Tim

    Tiny Tim Cast

  3. Photo of Itonia Salchek

    Itonia Salchek Cast

  4. Photo of Dean West

    Dean West Cast

  5. Photo of Lori Minnetti

    Lori Minnetti Cast

  6. Photo of Peter Krause

    Peter Krause Cast

  7. Photo of Frank Benson

    Frank Benson Cast

  8. Photo of Albert Jaggard

    Albert Jaggard Cast

  9. Photo of William Dexter

    William Dexter Cast

  10. Photo of Chris Vaalar

    Chris Vaalar Screenplay

  11. Photo of William Arthur

    William Arthur Screenplay

  12. Photo of Ben Benson

    Ben Benson Screenplay

  13. Photo of Emil Joseph

    Emil Joseph Screenplay

  14. Photo of Leszek Burzynski

    Leszek Burzynski Producer

  15. Photo of Frank Kinnikin

    Frank Kinnikin Executive Producer

  16. Photo of George Daugherty

    George Daugherty Music

  17. Photo of Teddy Darvas

    Teddy Darvas Editing