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  1. Photo of Marco Bellocchio

    Marco Bellocchio Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Roberto Herlitzka

    Roberto Herlitzka Cast

  3. Photo of Pier Giorgio Bellocchio

    Pier Giorgio Bellocchio Cast

  4. Photo of Lidiya Liberman

    Lidiya Liberman Cast

  5. Photo of Fausto Russo Alesi

    Fausto Russo Alesi Cast

  6. Photo of Alba Rohrwacher

    Alba Rohrwacher Cast

  7. Photo of Federica Fracassi

    Federica Fracassi Cast

  8. Photo of Alberto Cracco

    Alberto Cracco Cast

  9. Photo of Bruno Cariello

    Bruno Cariello Cast

  10. Photo of Toni Bertorelli

    Toni Bertorelli Cast

  11. Photo of Filippo Timi

    Filippo Timi Cast

  12. Photo of Elena Bellocchio

    Elena Bellocchio Cast

  13. Photo of Ivan Franek

    Ivan Franek Cast

  14. Photo of Patrizia Bettini

    Patrizia Bettini Cast

  15. Photo of Sebastiano Filocamo

    Sebastiano Filocamo Cast

  16. Photo of Alberto Bellocchio

    Alberto Bellocchio Cast

  17. Photo of Daniele Ciprì

    Daniele Ciprì Cinematography

  18. Photo of Carlo Crivelli

    Carlo Crivelli Music

  19. Photo of Andrea Castorina

    Andrea Castorina Production Design

  20. Photo of Beppe Caschetto

    Beppe Caschetto Producer

  21. Photo of Simone Gattoni

    Simone Gattoni Producer

  22. Photo of Alessio Lazzareschi

    Alessio Lazzareschi Executive Producer

  23. Photo of Francesca Calvelli

    Francesca Calvelli Editing

  24. Photo of Claudio Misantoni

    Claudio Misantoni Editing

  25. Photo of Daria Calvelli

    Daria Calvelli Costume Design