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  1. Danny Mansfield's rating of the film Blood Simple

    It's short and to the point. As someone else said, there is't much to say about it, but I enjoyed it. It's shot very well and acted well. For a debut, it's pretty solid.

  2. Filipe F. Coutinho's rating of the film Blood Simple

    A beautiful piece of workmanship, with craft that jumps at you in every scene. It’s essentially a silent film with bits and pieces of the brothers’ trademark dialogue sprinkled throughout. Their ability to use the camera to tell the story, complementing their outstanding writing, is noteworthy. Anchored by memorable performances and a superb Carter Burwell score, BS is a prime example of high-end film architecture.

  3. Ionut Moldovianu's rating of the film Blood Simple

  4. Cichlisuite's rating of the film Blood Simple

    While the characterisation is weak and the credibility of the plot questionable it provides enough cleverness, wit and style, with mostly solid dialogue and good acting to be properly enjoyable on the rewatch. I think I enjoyed it even more than the first time (having had a long interval). Wondered how I didn't pick the tipping of their hats to Blade Runner on first viewing? The scenes seemed so obvious this time.

  5. Stefan Wink's rating of the film Blood Simple

    This is surely one of the best films to watch when you want to enjoy the craft of filmmaking. No shot is displaced in this highly efficient choice of coverage and the whole plot unfolds fully in the viewers head through this stunning use of montage. Sound design, light and a seemingly endless pool of ideas culminate in this masterpiece of irony. Pure suspense!

  6. Inteleter's rating of the film Blood Simple

    Holds up quite well on a rewatch. Quite good at creating and the visuals look great. Walsh also delivers a great performance. Overall a pretty solid debut from the Coens and of their best.

  7. Thomas's rating of the film Blood Simple

    Great writing that keeps the spectator on the edge of the seat the whole film long.

  8. Eilidh's rating of the film Blood Simple

    A great example of how to nail your first feature! Neatly stylised with some sweet transitions, this is one of the top 3 Coen films to watch.

  9. Mitch North's rating of the film Blood Simple

    The best way to sum up the movie is high-highs and low-lows. At its peak, it's a superb, emotionally-wrought thriller that often had me on the edge of my seat. It takes a downturn half-way through so I think it's a bit too long. Overall, very striking.

  10. Charlie Douglas-Hamilton's rating of the film Blood Simple

    Potentially the perfect Hollywood debut. The Coen Brothers use their limited budget and create so much more: three main locations and some exteriors are utilised ingeniously to great effect. Great performances and a sickeningly believable descent into unintended murder through misunderstanding. Also some fantastic shots, especially during the climax's use of light. Feels like a blueprint for much of their later work.

  11. Spezialle_K's rating of the film Blood Simple

    Very good. Top quality Coen.

  12. Thomas's rating of the film Blood Simple

    Tight, taught debut from the Coens. The importance of a solid, well realised script is illustrated by the fact that the action, contained within the claustrophobic confines of seedy small town locations, actually becomes an accessory to the story itself. The plot's strength is what drives the whole film along, no mean feat given the many twists, turns and double crosses throughout. Super tense. Has aged well.

  13. ramiah's rating of the film Blood Simple

  14. Stefano Pedrocchi's rating of the film Blood Simple

    linear simplicity and dumbness here and there, but just tight. That scene with the thrown newspaper is mindblowing

  15. Christofi Cotonou's rating of the film Blood Simple

    Simple and contained tale. Darkly funny. Certainly different from the Coen's other films. As much as I enjoyed it, particularly the finale, I disagree that it's a masterpiece.

  16. Carlett Decker's rating of the film Blood Simple

    Amazing debut feature for the Coen brothers. Simple, sharp and it already shows their unique style. Not so self-aware as their later work would be, funny as always.

  17. missingsnowman's rating of the film Blood Simple

    A simple premise done far better hundreds of time by others. Surprised the incredible Coen brothers got out of bed for this. Lucky for me Fargo was my first exposure to their genius but I see none of it here. I'd like to be charitable and say little, but...

  18. goulton green's rating of the film Blood Simple

    53' of awful wind-up pretentiously overconstructed boredom I could stand and no more of this movie.

  19. Kevin Matthews's rating of the film Blood Simple

    The feature debut from the Coen brothers already has a lot of the signature style that makes them so beloved by cinema fans. The cracking cast all relish their roles, and the script, and this is a brilliantly entertaining neo-noir that gives numerous nods to classics of the past.

  20. aconeyisland's rating of the film Blood Simple

  21. giovanni's rating of the film Blood Simple

  22. Homayoun Hajikhani's rating of the film Blood Simple

  23. Clarisse Lemaitre's rating of the film Blood Simple

    Déjà le style Cohen inimitable imprégnait ce Texas affolant et absurde. C'est édifiant de voir que leur logique cinématographique n'a pas évolué d'un pouce: fidèles à eux-mêmes, les Cohen continuent à démontrer l'existence humaine comme une table de Poker, où chaque pion misé subit un destin calculé et pourtant aléatoire. Mais ce n'est qu'un jeu, dont nous ne connaissons pas les joueurs.

  24. Feellikeanumber's rating of the film Blood Simple

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