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  1. Charlotte Normand's rating of the film Blood Work

  2. Cátia Pereira's rating of the film Blood Work

    Again, a very subtle storytelling giving away just enough clues to keep you interested in solving the mystery. The romantic subplot was very much unnecessary and that's why the movie lost its third star.

  3. brunolab's rating of the film Blood Work

    Did absolutely nothing to me.

  4. Federico Di Folco's rating of the film Blood Work

    Non è accio accio,ma la sceneggiatura è davvero poca cosa e Clint non può fare miracoli anche se nel poliziesco ci sguazza abbastanza.Troppe scelte discutibili(il killer,il bambino meglio dell Fbi,i poliziotti,il finale) ed un ritmo che si mantiene sempre troppo blando per un prodotto di genere.Sufficiente,da vedere per completare la filmografia di Eastwood. 3*

  5. Your Friend's rating of the film Blood Work

    "No one" is surprised or entertained by this, easily the worst script Eastwood (or any major American filmmaker) has ever directed. Obvious and completely pedestrian on every level, the only twist is that it was written (or at least sole credit) by Brian Helgeland. Jeff Daniels sure was having a good time picking up a paycheck though.

  6. Addiena of Mubi land's rating of the film Blood Work

    --may contain spoiler--, It was okay at first, then it became more and more predictable, and yes the reveal was highly ridiculous. It loss one star of my rating because the old man slept with Graciella, truly wrong move, bad idea, and really unnecessary.

  7. Hunter Duesing's rating of the film Blood Work

    One of Clint's worst films as a director. The story is unengaging and the reveal is laughable in nature.