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  1. Photo of Damon Runyon

    Damon Runyon Screenplay

  2. Photo of Josef Sommer

    Josef Sommer Cast

  3. Photo of Madonna

    Madonna Cast

  4. Photo of Tony Azito

    Tony Azito Cast

  5. Photo of Jennifer Grey

    Jennifer Grey Cast

  6. Photo of Tony Longo

    Tony Longo Cast

  7. Photo of Rutger Hauer

    Rutger Hauer Cast

  8. Photo of Matt Dillon

    Matt Dillon Cast

  9. Photo of Stephen McHattie

    Stephen McHattie Cast

  10. Photo of Anita Morris

    Anita Morris Cast

  11. Photo of Ethan Phillips

    Ethan Phillips Cast

  12. Photo of Alan Ruck

    Alan Ruck Cast

  13. Photo of Dinah Manoff

    Dinah Manoff Cast

  14. Photo of David Youse

    David Youse Cast

  15. Photo of Randy Quaid

    Randy Quaid Cast

  16. Photo of Julie Hagerty

    Julie Hagerty Cast

  17. Photo of Louis Zorich

    Louis Zorich Cast

  18. Photo of Esai Morales

    Esai Morales Cast

  19. Photo of Fisher Stevens

    Fisher Stevens Cast

  20. Photo of Richard Edson

    Richard Edson Cast

  21. Photo of John Rothman

    John Rothman Cast

  22. Photo of Mark Nelson

    Mark Nelson Cast

  23. Photo of Madeleine Potter

    Madeleine Potter Cast

  24. Photo of Stellar Bennett

    Stellar Bennett Cast

  25. Photo of Nicole Burdette

    Nicole Burdette Cast

  26. Photo of Colman deKay

    Colman deKay Cast and Screenplay

  27. Photo of Gerry Bamman

    Gerry Bamman Cast

  28. Photo of Jane Brucker

    Jane Brucker Cast

  29. Photo of Googy Gress

    Googy Gress Cast

  30. Photo of Robert Donley

    Robert Donley Cast

  31. Photo of Grant Gorsberg

    Grant Gorsberg Cast

  32. Photo of Sheldon Abend

    Sheldon Abend Cast

  33. Photo of Veryle Rupp

    Veryle Rupp Cast

  34. Photo of Helmar Augustus Cooper

    Helmar Augustus Cooper Cast

  35. Photo of George Ede

    George Ede Cast

  36. Photo of William S. Burroughs

    William S. Burroughs Cast

  37. Photo of Michael Wincott

    Michael Wincott Cast

  38. Photo of Herschel Sparber

    Herschel Sparber Cast

  39. Photo of Black-Eyed Susan

    Black-Eyed Susan Cast

  40. Photo of Steve Buscemi

    Steve Buscemi Cast

  41. Photo of Patrick Garner

    Patrick Garner Cast

  42. Photo of Tobin Wheeler

    Tobin Wheeler Cast

  43. Photo of Jean Brookner

    Jean Brookner Cast

  44. Photo of Tamara Tunie

    Tamara Tunie Cast

  45. Photo of Cathryn de Prume

    Cathryn de Prume Cast

  46. Photo of Katherine Monick

    Katherine Monick Cast

  47. Photo of Sara Driver

    Sara Driver Cast

  48. Photo of William Murray Weiss

    William Murray Weiss Cast

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