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  1. Photo of Uwe Boll

    Uwe Boll Director

  2. Photo of Christopher Donaldson

    Christopher Donaldson Screenplay

  3. Photo of Neil Every

    Neil Every Screenplay

  4. Photo of Masaji Takei

    Masaji Takei Screenplay

  5. Photo of Natassia Malthe

    Natassia Malthe Cast

  6. Photo of Zack Ward

    Zack Ward Cast

  7. Photo of Michael Paré

    Michael Paré Cast

  8. Photo of Chris Coppola

    Chris Coppola Cast

  9. Photo of Jodelle Ferland

    Jodelle Ferland Cast

  10. Photo of Mathias Neumann

    Mathias Neumann Cinematography

  11. Photo of Jessica de Rooij

    Jessica de Rooij Music

  12. Photo of Dan Clarke

    Dan Clarke Producer

  13. Photo of Shawn Williamson

    Shawn Williamson Producer

  14. Photo of Eric Hill

    Eric Hill Editing