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  1. Photo of Uwe Boll

    Uwe Boll Director and Producer

  2. Photo of Sandra Basso

    Sandra Basso Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Wolfgang Herold

    Wolfgang Herold Executive Producer

  4. Photo of Jonathan Shore

    Jonathan Shore Executive Producer

  5. Photo of Dan Clarke

    Dan Clarke Producer

  6. Photo of Michael Roesch

    Michael Roesch Producer

  7. Photo of Peter Scheerer

    Peter Scheerer Producer

  8. Photo of Michael Nachoff

    Michael Nachoff Screenplay

  9. Photo of Mathias Neumann

    Mathias Neumann Cinematography

  10. Photo of Natassia Malthe

    Natassia Malthe Cast

  11. Photo of Michael Paré

    Michael Paré Cast

  12. Photo of Clint Howard

    Clint Howard Cast

  13. Photo of Brendan Fletcher

    Brendan Fletcher Cast

  14. Photo of Steffen Mennekes

    Steffen Mennekes Cast

  15. Photo of Willam Belli

    Willam Belli Cast

  16. Photo of Annett Culp

    Annett Culp Cast

  17. Photo of Natalia Guslistaya

    Natalia Guslistaya Cast

  18. Photo of Karen Porter

    Karen Porter Editing

  19. Photo of Marco Bittner Rosser

    Marco Bittner Rosser Production Design

  20. Photo of Jessica de Rooij

    Jessica de Rooij Music

  21. Photo of Ivo Seewald

    Ivo Seewald Sound

  22. Photo of Damir Valincic

    Damir Valincic Sound

  23. Photo of Gregor Voigt

    Gregor Voigt Sound

  24. Photo of Max Wanko

    Max Wanko Sound

  25. Photo of Katrina McCarthy

    Katrina McCarthy Costume Design