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  1. Photo of Ed Hunt

    Ed Hunt Director, Screenplay

  2. Photo of Steven R. McGlothen

    Steven R. McGlothen Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Daniel H. Blatt

    Daniel H. Blatt Executive Producer

  4. Photo of Max Rosenberg

    Max Rosenberg Executive Producer

  5. Photo of Gerald T. Olson

    Gerald T. Olson Producer

  6. Photo of Barry Pearson

    Barry Pearson Screenplay

  7. Photo of Stephen L. Posey

    Stephen L. Posey Cinematography

  8. Photo of Lori Lethin

    Lori Lethin Cast

  9. Photo of Melinda Cordell

    Melinda Cordell Cast

  10. Photo of Julie Brown

    Julie Brown Cast

  11. Photo of Joe Penny

    Joe Penny Cast

  12. Photo of Bert Kramer

    Bert Kramer Cast

  13. Photo of K.C. Martel

    K.C. Martel Cast

  14. Photo of Elizabeth Hoy

    Elizabeth Hoy Cast

  15. Photo of Billy Jayne

    Billy Jayne Cast

  16. Photo of Andy Freeman

    Andy Freeman Cast

  17. Photo of Susan Strasberg

    Susan Strasberg Cast

  18. Photo of José Ferrer

    José Ferrer Cast

  19. Photo of Ann E. Mills

    Ann E. Mills Editing

  20. Photo of Arlon Ober

    Arlon Ober Music

  21. Photo of Ellen Geer

    Ellen Geer Cast

  22. Photo of Michael Dudikoff

    Michael Dudikoff Cast

  23. Photo of Cyril O'Reilly

    Cyril O'Reilly Cast