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  1. Photo of Michelangelo Antonioni

    Michelangelo Antonioni Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Carlo Ponti

    Carlo Ponti Producer

  3. Photo of Carlo Di Palma

    Carlo Di Palma Cinematography

  4. Photo of Tonino Guerra

    Tonino Guerra Screenplay

  5. Photo of Edward Bond

    Edward Bond Screenplay

  6. Photo of Julio Cortázar

    Julio Cortázar Screenplay

  7. Photo of David Hemmings

    David Hemmings Cast

  8. Photo of Vanessa Redgrave

    Vanessa Redgrave Cast

  9. Photo of Sarah Miles

    Sarah Miles Cast

  10. Photo of Peter Bowles

    Peter Bowles Cast

  11. Photo of Jane Birkin

    Jane Birkin Cast

  12. Photo of John Castle

    John Castle Cast

  13. Photo of Veruschka von Lehndorff

    Veruschka von Lehndorff Cast

  14. Photo of Herbie Hancock

    Herbie Hancock Music

  15. Photo of Frank Clarke

    Frank Clarke Editing

  16. Photo of Pierre Rouve

    Pierre Rouve Executive Producer

  17. Photo of Gillian Hills

    Gillian Hills Cast

  18. Photo of Julian Chagrin

    Julian Chagrin Cast

  19. Photo of Claude Chagrin

    Claude Chagrin Cast

  20. Photo of Assheton Gorton

    Assheton Gorton Production Design

  21. Photo of Mike Le Mare

    Mike Le Mare Sound

  22. Photo of Jeff Beck

    Jeff Beck Cast

  23. Photo of Susan Brodrick

    Susan Brodrick Cast

  24. Photo of Tsai Chin

    Tsai Chin Cast

  25. Photo of Chris Dreja

    Chris Dreja Cast

  26. Photo of Melanie Hampshire

    Melanie Hampshire Cast

  27. Photo of Harry Hutchinson

    Harry Hutchinson Cast

  28. Photo of Jill Kennington

    Jill Kennington Cast

  29. Photo of Jim McCarty

    Jim McCarty Cast

  30. Photo of Jimmy Page

    Jimmy Page Cast

  31. Photo of Keith Relf

    Keith Relf Cast

  32. Photo of Reg Wilkins

    Reg Wilkins Cast

  33. Photo of Peggy Moffitt

    Peggy Moffitt Cast

  34. Photo of Donyale Luna

    Donyale Luna Cast