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  1. Photo of Gust Van den Berghe

    Gust Van den Berghe Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Hans Bruch Jr.

    Hans Bruch Jr. Cinematography

  3. Photo of David Verdurme

    David Verdurme Editing

  4. Photo of Matthias Hillegeer

    Matthias Hillegeer Sound

  5. Photo of Michelino Bisceglia

    Michelino Bisceglia Music

  6. Photo of Bafiokadié Potey

    Bafiokadié Potey Cast

  7. Photo of Téné Potey

    Téné Potey Cast

  8. Photo of Nanty Libéria Bani

    Nanty Libéria Bani Cast

  9. Photo of Dodji N'Dah

    Dodji N'Dah Cast

  10. Photo of N'Tcha Emmanuel Sansamou

    N'Tcha Emmanuel Sansamou Cast

  11. Photo of Tomas Leyers

    Tomas Leyers Producer

  12. Photo of Caroline Strubbe

    Caroline Strubbe Producer

  13. Photo of Maurice Maeterlinck

    Maurice Maeterlinck Screenplay

  14. Photo of Alexander Zhikarev

    Alexander Zhikarev Music

  15. Photo of Nils Valkenborgh

    Nils Valkenborgh Production Design