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  1. Photo of Cheng Wen-tang

    Cheng Wen-tang Director, Screenplay, and Executive Producer

  2. Photo of Cheng Ching-feng

    Cheng Ching-feng Screenplay

  3. Photo of Tarcy Su

    Tarcy Su Cast

  4. Photo of Leon Dai

    Leon Dai Cast

  5. Photo of Lu Yi-Ching

    Lu Yi-Ching Cast

  6. Photo of Lee Wei

    Lee Wei Cast

  7. Photo of Huang Wu-shan

    Huang Wu-shan Cast

  8. Photo of Yang Kuei-Mei

    Yang Kuei-Mei Cast

  9. Photo of Chang Ying-Lin

    Chang Ying-Lin Cinematography

  10. Photo of Cincin Lee

    Cincin Lee Music

  11. Photo of Tai Te-wei

    Tai Te-wei Production Design

  12. Photo of Yang Chi-yung

    Yang Chi-yung Producer

  13. Photo of Huang Hao-jie

    Huang Hao-jie Producer

  14. Photo of Swen Ching

    Swen Ching Executive Producer

  15. Photo of Chen-Ching Lei

    Chen-Ching Lei Editing