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  1. Photo of Flora Gomes

    Flora Gomes Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Manuel Rambout Barcelos

    Manuel Rambout Barcelos Screenplay

  3. Photo of David Lang

    David Lang Screenplay

  4. Photo of Dominique Gentil

    Dominique Gentil Cinematography

  5. Photo of Dominique Pâris

    Dominique Pâris Editing

  6. Photo of Adriano G. Ferreira-Atchutchi

    Adriano G. Ferreira-Atchutchi Music

  7. Photo of Jorge Quintino Biague

    Jorge Quintino Biague Cast

  8. Photo of Marcelo Cabral

    Marcelo Cabral Cast

  9. Photo of Jacquelina Camara

    Jacquelina Camara Cast

  10. Photo of Gervasio Anibal da Mata

    Gervasio Anibal da Mata Cast

  11. Photo of Pedro Dias

    Pedro Dias Cast

  12. Photo of Quinta Dju

    Quinta Dju Cast

  13. Photo of Bia Gomes

    Bia Gomes Cast

  14. Photo of Teborcio Gomes

    Teborcio Gomes Cast

  15. Photo of Abdulai Keita

    Abdulai Keita Cast

  16. Photo of Maysa Marta

    Maysa Marta Cast

  17. Photo of Antonio Simao Mendes

    Antonio Simao Mendes Cast

  18. Photo of Adao Malan Nanque

    Adao Malan Nanque Cast

  19. Photo of Mohamed Lamine Seidi

    Mohamed Lamine Seidi Cast

  20. Photo of Domingos Soares Semedo

    Domingos Soares Semedo Cast

  21. Photo of Manuel Dias Sequeira

    Manuel Dias Sequeira Cast

  22. Photo of Henrique Silva

    Henrique Silva Cast

  23. Photo of Caramba Ture

    Caramba Ture Cast

  24. Photo of Dina Vaz

    Dina Vaz Cast

  25. Photo of Paulo De Sousa

    Paulo De Sousa Producer

  26. Photo of Nicholas Oulman

    Nicholas Oulman Producer

  27. Photo of José Luís Vasconcelos

    José Luís Vasconcelos Producer

  28. Photo of Leandro Ferreira

    Leandro Ferreira Editing

  29. Photo of Ana Silva

    Ana Silva Editing