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  1. jenstor's rating of the film Blue Steel

    May be most terrifying movie about being a woman I’ve ever seen

  2. Slappy McGee's rating of the film Blue Steel

    I guess working at the Stock Exchange will make you FUCKING CRAZY. Yeah, this might be a LITTLE over-the-top. I'm telling ya... Ron Silver gives the most Nicholas Cage manic performance I've seen since... well, the last Nicholas Cage movie I've seen. Dude is OUT of control. Of course, everything in this movie is VERY ARCH! A collection of Police vs. Unhinged Lunatic cliches. But I suppose that makes it kind of fun.

  3. gfxalchemist's rating of the film Blue Steel

    My rating is largely based on the script. It was a little too over the top for me to follow it as a thriller, the balance of realism to the story left me wondering on multiple occasions how, why and just "huh". I found myself thinking what was Kathryn thinking as she had to deal with these inaccuracies in the script, and the lack of authority to change it.

  4. Erik F.'s rating of the film Blue Steel

  5. Ben Loory's rating of the film Blue Steel

    Great setup gradually spirals into ridiculous nonsense

  6. Alondra Garcia's rating of the film Blue Steel

    The film lives up to the thriller theme with the struggling female cop lead and the psychotic male lead. I like how there is a lot of suspense in most of the scenes. Also, I like how there’s a showdown between the girl cop and the criminal. Overall, the plot to this film was easily to determine. The performance by the actors was phenomenal and how the scenes flowed with each other.

  7. zubee's rating of the film Blue Steel

    jamie curtis does faye wray. ron silver is superb. he gets a 5. ending ruins a good suspence story.

  8. Jackson Hermann's rating of the film Blue Steel

    It’s like the script was written by a middle schooler and then the rest of it was produced very professionally. It’s really bad, and yet the performances were so good I couldn’t stop watching. But I wanted to.

  9. Kenneth Gentry's rating of the film Blue Steel

  10. Sam's rating of the film Blue Steel

    The way the police function in this film makes absolutely no sense. Severe suspension of disbelief is required for the entire film. Kind of feels like the plot to an episode of a procedural cop show, rather than a feature film, but it's an enjoyable episode.

  11. Urara's rating of the film Blue Steel

    Eerily hyperrealistic depiction of what it must have felt for women in the 80's-90's in NY. Nowadays there are new and wider range of vocabularies that helps to portray women's POV, but 30 years ago this movie would have been a great "word". Watching Blue Steel soon after "YOU" the netflix series was also interesting. It explained some type of a long-existing phobia of the city dating scene for women.

  12. Loz Loory's rating of the film Blue Steel

    In a film where other women are wives and mothers, Curtis' character dares to pick up a gun and go outside. So much phallic imagery: from the joke about biting one off, to Curtis losing the gun evidence and thus loosing a psycho killer on the streets. She must don a real man's uniform and tourniquet her arm into a phallus so that can she kill the demon she's unleashed and restore the patriarchy. Curtis is great!

  13. Cheyenne Donaldson's rating of the film Blue Steel

    Blue Steel is full of action and drama. When watching the movie you will experience murders, domestic violence, rape, and what police go through daily. This movie also gives you an example as to why you should not trust everyone. Megan goes on a date with someone she didn't know, comes to find out he's someone she would of never expected. The director did a great job warning us about the dangers in the world.

  14. kinojay33's rating of the film Blue Steel

    I watched “Blue Steel” a few years after it came out, as a teenager. Like many films that I adored from that era, I figured I’d be disappointed after 25yrs of film theory/viewing, finding what I once thought to be gritty & dark as cheap & sensationalistic. Not so. Rewatching Blue Steel is one of few films from this era/genre (the other being Abel Ferara’s “King of New York”) that I enjoyed more on revisitation.

  15. Adam GR's rating of the film Blue Steel

    There's something about a movie that opens with a shot tracking forward that just immerses me. The direction follows action aerobically and close to the character, a skill Bigelow evidently harnesses. The screenplay is elegantly clipped, but certain parts shorten its trajectory (that dream shot, sex with Clancy Brown [which is actually a plus]). Ron Silver is a bit transfixing and Jamie Lee Curtis knows how to carry.

  16. Richard Donnelly's rating of the film Blue Steel

    Despite the gender breakthroughs this film represents, and despite the talent of JLC, nearly everything else about this film is third rate and not worth your time.

  17. Alexander Murmann's rating of the film Blue Steel

    After a little setup the movie gets pretty tense. Unfortunately too much in the script makes very little sense.

  18. Eric Rucker's rating of the film Blue Steel

    One of the least surprising—and grosser—things on here is looking at comments regarding films made by women about women in traditionally male roles in traditionally male genres. This film gets off lightly. One of the grossest is looking at comments about films centered on sick killers, how excited and like Eugene Hunt it makes so many guys. Vile. Nauseating. CPAs all, unnerved by a woman in a saddle wearing a hat.

  19. QNorris9001's rating of the film Blue Steel

  20. shelbywelldone's rating of the film Blue Steel

  21. Samuel Righi's rating of the film Blue Steel

  22. Matthew Catanzano's rating of the film Blue Steel

    How many films does this rip off? (Law & Order (steals a key shot from this, not even a mimic but a direct splice), The Terminator (practically rips off the entire film), Maniac Cop (the opening titles are precisely the same shot for shot)) I'm impressed by the performance from both of the leads, not so impressed with the multiple endings, they could have cut a good forty minutes.

  23. Mattia Ricotta's rating of the film Blue Steel

  24. Gia de Almeida's rating of the film Blue Steel

    Suspension of disbelief is paramount to enjoying this one but it's brilliantly directed and acted.

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