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  1. Photo of Catherine Breillat

    Catherine Breillat Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Charles Perrault

    Charles Perrault Screenplay

  3. Photo of Dominique Thomas

    Dominique Thomas Cast

  4. Photo of Lola Créton

    Lola Créton Cast

  5. Photo of Daphné Baiwir

    Daphné Baiwir Cast

  6. Photo of Marilou Lopes-Benites

    Marilou Lopes-Benites Cast

  7. Photo of Lola Giovannetti

    Lola Giovannetti Cast

  8. Photo of Farida Khelfa

    Farida Khelfa Cast

  9. Photo of Isabelle Lapouge

    Isabelle Lapouge Cast

  10. Photo of Suzanne Foulquier

    Suzanne Foulquier Cast

  11. Photo of Laure Lapeyre

    Laure Lapeyre Cast

  12. Photo of Luc Bailly

    Luc Bailly Cast

  13. Photo of Adrien Ledoux

    Adrien Ledoux Cast

  14. Photo of Vilko Filač

    Vilko Filač Cinematography

  15. Photo of Olivier Jacquet

    Olivier Jacquet Production Design

  16. Photo of Sylvette Frydman

    Sylvette Frydman Producer

  17. Photo of Jean-François Lepetit

    Jean-François Lepetit Producer

  18. Photo of Pascale Chavance

    Pascale Chavance Editing

  19. Photo of Stéphane Brunclair

    Stéphane Brunclair Sound