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  1. Iryna Kovalchuk's rating of the film Bobbi Jene

    Тіло — це перший, найбільш природний інструмент людини» (Марсель Мосс), специфічна матерія, де масштаб, пропорції і анатомічні особливості відіграють дуже важливу роль у формуванні мови перформансу, стають силою руху. Тіло для автора є об’єктом, партнером і водночас самим виконавцем. Врешті, тіло і його досвід (фігура, постава, пам’ять) не лише творять знак довкола особи перформера, вони стають цим знаком.

  2. huitzi's rating of the film Bobbi Jene

  3. Jeremy's rating of the film Bobbi Jene

    I nearly always log into Mubi and scroll down to see what I'm about to miss out on. Today it was this film and the thumbnail synopsis almost led me to pass on it, but I persevered and ninety minutes later was encouraging anyone who would listen to check out this wonderful portrayal of creativity, pursuing your vision and ultimately the rewards and sometimes heavy costs of life as an artist. Just excellent.

  4. Mark Watson's rating of the film Bobbi Jene

  5. Kevin Matthews's rating of the film Bobbi Jene

    I initially wasn't sure whether or not I could even get into this documentary, considering my disdain for the artistic presentations that utilise modern dance. Thankfully, I was soon drawn in. Bobbi Jene is an interesting figure, determined and alternating between steely strength and major vulnerability, and the journey captured here is worthwhile. But only just.

  6. Superfrog's rating of the film Bobbi Jene

    The cinematography is atrocious, feels like it has been shot on poor autofocus the whole way. The story is ok, the script disappointing, there is neither closure nor depth, and the pace is not so convincing. On the plus side, some of the photography is good ( the opening scene for example) and it gives an insight into a world I don't not know at all. Worth a watch but could have been so much better.

  7. dmol's rating of the film Bobbi Jene

    The art of over-sharing. I respect Bobbi Jene's vision, but I felt slapped at times with the kind of intimacy she and her director are looking for. Also, for an artist with such bold ideas and sense of purpose, there was too much weight thrown on the romance.

  8. Sarah Pietsch's rating of the film Bobbi Jene

    Beautiful. A glimpse into the world of an amazing dance artist, how she moves! And the complexities of her long-distance relationship, the bonds of family, the importance of a sense of home and belonging. So intimately shot. A great film.

  9. Ariel Rowan's rating of the film Bobbi Jene

    so much strength in vulnerability. this has been very beautiful and important to me

  10. Ayesha Casely-Hayford's rating of the film Bobbi Jene

    So intimately shot. You can tell the sensitive trusting touch of Elvira Lind, Lind has disappeared and Bobbi Jene amazingly gives us herSelf. The passion and honesty reminds every artist - do your thing.

  11. Patrycja Grimm's rating of the film Bobbi Jene