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  1. Photo of Brendan J. Byrne

    Brendan J. Byrne Director

  2. Photo of Nick Fraser

    Nick Fraser Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Susan Lovell

    Susan Lovell Executive Producer

  4. Photo of Justin Binding

    Justin Binding Executive Producer

  5. Photo of Rory Gilmartin

    Rory Gilmartin Executive Producer

  6. Photo of Andrew Reid

    Andrew Reid Executive Producer

  7. Photo of Jonathan Ford

    Jonathan Ford Executive Producer

  8. Photo of Greg Philips

    Greg Philips Executive Producer

  9. Photo of Axel Arnö

    Axel Arnö Executive Producer

  10. Photo of Mette Hoffmann Meyer

    Mette Hoffmann Meyer Executive Producer

  11. Photo of Trevor Birney

    Trevor Birney Producer

  12. Photo of Brendan J. Byrne

    Brendan J. Byrne Producer

  13. Photo of David Barker

    David Barker Cinematography

  14. Photo of Paul Devlin

    Paul Devlin Editing

  15. Photo of Edith Progue

    Edith Progue Music

  16. Photo of David Craig

    David Craig Production Design

  17. Photo of Peter Strain

    Peter Strain Animation

  18. Photo of Ryan Kane

    Ryan Kane Animation

  19. Photo of David Barker

    David Barker Sound

  20. Photo of Paul Maynes

    Paul Maynes Sound

  21. Photo of Aaron O’Neill

    Aaron O’Neill Sound

  22. Photo of Fintan O’Toole

    Fintan O’Toole Cast

  23. Photo of Raymond McCord

    Raymond McCord Cast

  24. Photo of Denis Sweeney

    Denis Sweeney Cast

  25. Photo of Richard English

    Richard English Cast

  26. Photo of Denis O’Hearn

    Denis O’Hearn Cast

  27. Photo of Michael Biggs

    Michael Biggs Cast

  28. Photo of Tim Pat Coogan

    Tim Pat Coogan Cast

  29. Photo of Brendan O’Cathaoir

    Brendan O’Cathaoir Cast

  30. Photo of Jack Foster

    Jack Foster Cast

  31. Photo of Tomboy Louden

    Tomboy Louden Cast