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  1. David Sindmark Hörnfeldt's rating of the film Bobby

  2. Jo D's rating of the film Bobby

    After feeling entertained but fairly disengaged throughout the film, the ending had emotional impact that took me by surprise. I hadn't even realised how much I'd invested in some of the characters. The archival footage woven into the film worked very well, particularly as the various narratives played out under the closing speech. I'm wondering if perhaps this gave it more impact than the film as a whole had earned.

  3. Jesal Padania's rating of the film Bobby

    Well, I don't know what everyone here is complaining about, it's a solid enough film. Definitely worth a watch.

  4. Queens Drive's rating of the film Bobby

    I like the part which the real video clips represented the character Bobby, the senator. It avoids nostalgia expression and making history replays itself again. Though few detail stories of different characters seems too much and pointless.

  5. raggiodisole's rating of the film Bobby

    Vanity project, powder-puff story wrapped limply around a sad moment in 20th century America

  6. P Teddy Sawyer's rating of the film Bobby

    Solid. a glimpse of twilight's last .

  7. Dogville59's rating of the film Bobby

    I liked the mix of narrative with archival footage. It pains me to think of how much better the world could have been had JFK, MLK, Bobby Kennedy and others not been assassinated and it would be easy to be angry however as Robert Kennedy would say it is anger and hate for others that causes violence.

  8. Kontakt's rating of the film Bobby

    terribly ugly fake fiction

  9. Neil Maxfield's rating of the film Bobby

    Has had a number of lukewarm reviews.No idea why....very very good drama. Give it a watch. Anthony Hopkins is ace

  10. Ark V's rating of the film Bobby

    Much of what is wrong with the masses relationship with politics is quite neatly captured in this film.

  11. Adrian Wilson's rating of the film Bobby

  12. Daniel Roque's rating of the film Bobby

    So many stars in a cast for a movie that deserves no more than two.

  13. Riccardo Maffioli's rating of the film Bobby

    Un casting di celebri attori, oramai datati, per un film mediocre ma piacevole da vedere.

  14. Robby Justiss's rating of the film Bobby

    Great movie about one of the Greatest Men in America

  15. S. Singh's rating of the film Bobby

    I enjoyed this. The ensemble cast worked well, especially that scene with Larry Fishburne and Freddy Rodriguez. Although I wasn't totally satisfied with it. The various stories between the characters really didn't feel and mean like much, it was difficult to empathize with them, even a little bit. Ashton Kutcher can jog on but otherwise, yeah, a solid 3 star.