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  1. Photo of Lasse Braun

    Lasse Braun Director, Production Design Screenplay

  2. Photo of Catherine Ringer

    Catherine Ringer Cast

  3. Photo of Jean-Gérard Sorlin

    Jean-Gérard Sorlin Cast

  4. Photo of Glenda Farrel

    Glenda Farrel Cast

  5. Photo of Jacques Gateau

    Jacques Gateau Cast

  6. Photo of Gilda Arancio

    Gilda Arancio Cast

  7. Photo of Gemma Giménez

    Gemma Giménez Cast

  8. Photo of Tony Morena

    Tony Morena Cast

  9. Photo of Louison Boutin

    Louison Boutin Cast

  10. Photo of Benoît Archenoul

    Benoît Archenoul Cast

  11. Photo of Carmelo Petix

    Carmelo Petix Cast

  12. Photo of Jean-Claude Baboulin

    Jean-Claude Baboulin Cast

  13. Photo of Mike Lennart

    Mike Lennart Cast

  14. Photo of Christel Loris

    Christel Loris Cast

  15. Photo of Louise Maier

    Louise Maier Cast

  16. Photo of Carlo Manuguerra

    Carlo Manuguerra Cast

  17. Photo of Hans Sonntag

    Hans Sonntag Cast

  18. Photo of Frédérique Souchier

    Frédérique Souchier Cast

  19. Photo of Vicky Mesmin

    Vicky Mesmin Cast

  20. Photo of Michèle d'Agro

    Michèle d'Agro Cast

  21. Photo of Bent Rohweder

    Bent Rohweder Cast and Editing

  22. Photo of Richard Ximay

    Richard Ximay Cast

  23. Photo of Peter Focus

    Peter Focus Cinematography

  24. Photo of Klaus Schulze

    Klaus Schulze Music

  25. Photo of Manfred Metz

    Manfred Metz Producer

  26. Photo of Ina Daman

    Ina Daman Editing