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  1. Vincent T's rating of the film Body Without Soul

    a very manipulative film, but the stories of the boys are...

  2. Giuseppe Ragno's rating of the film Body Without Soul

    Better than a philosophical treatise on the commodification of the body. This is real cinema. A document ruthless and heartbreaking, a hellish descent in the world of prostitution and pornography. Suffering eyes of those guys and their bodies monstrously exploited and alienated, you do not ever forget!

  3. Samuel Donath's rating of the film Body Without Soul

    You feel so much for these young men during the course of this profoundly sad film. Their stories are universal, painful, and raw. I am still haunted by their eyes. Eyes are the window to the soul, and this film shows their souls dying. I am at a loss for works with this incredible film. You want so much to help these boys, and yet they are trapped. You as a viewer are transfixed. This has my complete recommendation.

  4. lndah's rating of the film Body Without Soul

    Not that i'm implying other scenes are not gripping. But two scenes that will fast jab to the heart: (1) Lacrimosa scene, (2) "my father" scene, the final scene. Some confessions are blatantly ruthless.

  5. riraru's rating of the film Body Without Soul

    Unbehagen während des gesamten Films (der einen unverschämten Titel trägt): Die tieftraurigen Augen der Jungs und ihre Geschichten, der menschen- und leichenverachtende "Regisseur", die teils widerlich voyeuristische Kameraführung (warum liegt ein Interviewter nackt von Kerzen umgeben auf seinem Bett; warum werden irgendwelche Kinder, die im Schwimmbad sind, der Prostitution verdächtigt ..?) & dann auch noch Mozart!

  6. María F. Guerrero's rating of the film Body Without Soul

    I often find docummentaries to be the saddest of movies. This was no exception. It's so hard to see this, it's hard to see the lack of soul of those who exploit them and how they try to deal with what surrounds them. You see glimpses of pain and sunshine in them, all mixtured together. It's defiantly worth to watch. And I wonder if Grodecki will ever make a film of another topic. Not that it bothers me, just curious.

  7. Archie Del Mundo's rating of the film Body Without Soul

    Most documentaries pose more questions than answers. This film didnt need to give out more information. We just look at their faces, their eyes - as if we are watching the most shredded human spirit dissipates in nothingness

  8. sabrina kakar's rating of the film Body Without Soul

  9. yen's rating of the film Body Without Soul

    the fact that Wiktor Grodecki went on doing 2 more feature films of similar theme really makes me question whether his docs have solved any problems or are just ...a general obsession