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  1. Photo of Joseph H. Lewis

    Joseph H. Lewis Director

  2. Photo of Anna May Wong

    Anna May Wong Cast

  3. Photo of Noel Madison

    Noel Madison Cast

  4. Photo of Leslie Denison

    Leslie Denison Cast

  5. Photo of Nedrick Young

    Nedrick Young Cast

  6. Photo of Dan Seymour

    Dan Seymour Cast

  7. Photo of Frank Lackteen

    Frank Lackteen Cast

  8. Photo of Judith Gibson

    Judith Gibson Cast

  9. Photo of Dennis Moore

    Dennis Moore Cast

  10. Photo of Connie Leon

    Connie Leon Cast

  11. Photo of Hayward Soo Hoo

    Hayward Soo Hoo Cast

  12. Photo of Richard Loo

    Richard Loo Cast

  13. Photo of Paul Fung

    Paul Fung Cast