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Ratings & Reviews

  1. SpacePirate's rating of the film Bombshell

    A pretty solid pre-Code comedy. Great supporting cast here. Not really much to say, other than this kind of biopic alledgedly based on Clara Bow and her money grubbing family is quite funny. The only weak link really is Ted Healy. Never been a fan of him, or his treatment of the Stooges when they worked for him. Thankfully his presence isnt felt often. 4 stars

  2. Diderot's rating of the film Bombshell

    A great screenplay by Jules Furthman and John Lee Mahin that might have been even better under different direction. It deserves more of an audience.

  3. Daniel S.'s rating of the film Bombshell

    Meta-comedy or mise en abyme? Highly recommended.

  4. MarcH's rating of the film Bombshell

    Scathing take-down of press agents, PR scumbags, and that staple of Los Angeles: the hangers-on. Harlow's best film.