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  1. Photo of William F. Claxton

    William F. Claxton Director

  2. Photo of Lewis Allen

    Lewis Allen Director

  3. Photo of Robert Altman

    Robert Altman Director

  4. Photo of Christian Nyby

    Christian Nyby Director

  5. Photo of Herschel Daugherty

    Herschel Daugherty Director

  6. Photo of Tay Garnett

    Tay Garnett Director

  7. Photo of James Neilson

    James Neilson Director

  8. Photo of Jacques Tourneur

    Jacques Tourneur Director

  9. Photo of John Brahm

    John Brahm Director

  10. Photo of Joseph H. Lewis

    Joseph H. Lewis Director

  11. Photo of Richard C. Sarafian

    Richard C. Sarafian Director

  12. Photo of Gerd Oswald

    Gerd Oswald Director

  13. Photo of Edward Ludwig

    Edward Ludwig Director

  14. Photo of Alan Crosland Jr.

    Alan Crosland Jr. Director

  15. Photo of Paul Henreid

    Paul Henreid Director

  16. Photo of David Dortort

    David Dortort Screenplay

  17. Photo of John Hawkins

    John Hawkins Screenplay

  18. Photo of Michael Landon

    Michael Landon Screenplay, Cast Director

  19. Photo of Lorne Greene

    Lorne Greene Cast

  20. Photo of Dan Blocker

    Dan Blocker Cast

  21. Photo of Bill Clark

    Bill Clark Cast

  22. Photo of Pernell Roberts

    Pernell Roberts Cast

  23. Photo of Victor Sen Yung

    Victor Sen Yung Cast

  24. Photo of Ray Teal

    Ray Teal Cast

  25. Photo of David Canary

    David Canary Cast

  26. Photo of Martha Manor

    Martha Manor Cast

  27. Photo of Bob Miles

    Bob Miles Cast

  28. Photo of Bing Russell

    Bing Russell Cast

  29. Photo of Mitch Vogel

    Mitch Vogel Cast

  30. Photo of Grandon Rhodes

    Grandon Rhodes Cast

  31. Photo of Phil Chambers

    Phil Chambers Cast