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  1. Photo of Léonce-Henri Burel

    Léonce-Henri Burel Cinematography

  2. Photo of Jean Collomb

    Jean Collomb Cinematography

  3. Photo of Roger Hubert

    Roger Hubert Cinematography

  4. Photo of Jules Kruger

    Jules Kruger Cinematography

  5. Photo of Albert Dieudonné

    Albert Dieudonné Cast

  6. Photo of Annabella

    Annabella Cast

  7. Photo of Antonin Artaud

    Antonin Artaud Cast

  8. Photo of Pierre Batcheff

    Pierre Batcheff Cast

  9. Photo of Eugénie Buffet

    Eugénie Buffet Cast

  10. Photo of Abel Gance

    Abel Gance Cast, Director, Editing Screenplay

  11. Photo of Philippe Hériat

    Philippe Hériat Cast

  12. Photo of Nicolas Koline

    Nicolas Koline Cast

  13. Photo of Alexandre Koubitzky

    Alexandre Koubitzky Cast

  14. Photo of Gina Manès

    Gina Manès Cast

  15. Photo of Jean Topart

    Jean Topart Cast

  16. Photo of Edmond Van Daële

    Edmond Van Daële Cast

  17. Photo of Henri Rust

    Henri Rust Editing