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  1. Photo of Gustavo Cova

    Gustavo Cova Director

  2. Photo of Roberto Fontanarrosa

    Roberto Fontanarrosa Screenplay

  3. Photo of Marcelo Paez-Cubells

    Marcelo Paez-Cubells Screenplay

  4. Photo of Pablo Echarri

    Pablo Echarri Voice

  5. Photo of Nancy Dupláa

    Nancy Dupláa Voice

  6. Photo of Nicolás Frías

    Nicolás Frías Voice

  7. Photo of Marcelo Armand

    Marcelo Armand Voice

  8. Photo of Rufino Gallo

    Rufino Gallo Voice

  9. Photo of Diego Brizzi

    Diego Brizzi Voice

  10. Photo of Ricardo Alanis

    Ricardo Alanis Voice

  11. Photo of Luciana Falcón

    Luciana Falcón Voice

  12. Photo of Karin Sabala

    Karin Sabala Voice

  13. Photo of Hernán Chiozza

    Hernán Chiozza Voice

  14. Photo of Mariano Chiesa

    Mariano Chiesa Voice

  15. Photo of Diego Monk

    Diego Monk Music

  16. Photo of Hugo E. auría

    Hugo E. auría Producer

  17. Photo of José Luis Massa

    José Luis Massa Producer

  18. Photo of Romina Crespolini

    Romina Crespolini Executive Producer

  19. Photo of Andrés Fernández

    Andrés Fernández Editing

  20. Photo of Sebastián Ramseg

    Sebastián Ramseg Animation

  21. Photo of Mariano Sister

    Mariano Sister Animation