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  1. Photo of Alexandru Baciu

    Alexandru Baciu Screenplay

  2. Photo of Radu Muntean

    Radu Muntean Screenplay and Director

  3. Photo of Răzvan Rădulescu

    Răzvan Rădulescu Screenplay

  4. Photo of Dragoş Bucur

    Dragoş Bucur Cast

  5. Photo of Anamaria Marinca

    Anamaria Marinca Cast

  6. Photo of Mimi Brănescu

    Mimi Brănescu Cast

  7. Photo of Adrian Vancica

    Adrian Vancica Cast

  8. Photo of Vlad Muntean

    Vlad Muntean Cast

  9. Photo of Geanina Varga

    Geanina Varga Cast

  10. Photo of Roxana Iancu

    Roxana Iancu Cast

  11. Photo of Maria Alexandra Birleanu

    Maria Alexandra Birleanu Cast

  12. Photo of Tudor Lucaciu

    Tudor Lucaciu Cinematography

  13. Photo of Electric Brother

    Electric Brother Music and Sound

  14. Photo of Sorin Dima

    Sorin Dima Production Design

  15. Photo of Dragoş Vilcu

    Dragoş Vilcu Producer

  16. Photo of Alexandru Radu

    Alexandru Radu Editing

  17. Photo of Stanomir Dragoş

    Stanomir Dragoş Sound