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Ratings & Reviews

  1. film_lies101's rating of the film Boomerang

    One of the most retroactive gender politics films ever made

  2. Z's rating of the film Boomerang

    An ugly, dated, poorly paced, ill-considered and shockingly misogynist film. Eddie Murphy's "playa" character is a vile narcissist, unworthy of the half-hearted, unearned redemptive arc he is provided with. The film gleefully catalogs Murphy's shabby treatment of his various conquests and then asks us to feel bad for him when a woman momentarily rejects him. A bizarre comedy with no laughs and zero rooting interest.

  3. NEONBEAR's rating of the film Boomerang

    had some very funny moments. really dug it.

  4. Joe Bowman's rating of the film Boomerang

    Terrible. Aside from Grace Jones of course.