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  1. Photo of Bogdan Mirica

    Bogdan Mirica Screenplay and Director

  2. Photo of Alexandru Potocean

    Alexandru Potocean Cast

  3. Photo of Mirela Zeța

    Mirela Zeța Cast

  4. Photo of Teodor Corban

    Teodor Corban Cast

  5. Photo of Ion Sapdaru

    Ion Sapdaru Cast

  6. Photo of Adrian Vancica

    Adrian Vancica Cast

  7. Photo of Alexandru Fifea

    Alexandru Fifea Cast

  8. Photo of Ion Grosu

    Ion Grosu Cast

  9. Photo of Ioana Flora

    Ioana Flora Cast

  10. Photo of Marian Negrescu

    Marian Negrescu Cast

  11. Photo of Iulian Postelnicu

    Iulian Postelnicu Cast

  12. Photo of Oancea Vlad

    Oancea Vlad Cast

  13. Photo of Andrei Butică

    Andrei Butică Cinematography

  14. Photo of Lazar George

    Lazar George Music

  15. Photo of Iuliana Tarnovetchi

    Iuliana Tarnovetchi Producer

  16. Photo of Roxana Szel

    Roxana Szel Editing