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  1. Photo of Kit Ryan

    Kit Ryan Director

  2. Photo of Jonathan Deckter

    Jonathan Deckter Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Christopher Figg

    Christopher Figg Executive Producer

  4. Photo of Gary Hamilton

    Gary Hamilton Executive Producer

  5. Photo of Richard Lockhart

    Richard Lockhart Executive Producer

  6. Photo of Rajan Russell

    Rajan Russell Executive Producer

  7. Photo of Christopher Salter

    Christopher Salter Executive Producer

  8. Photo of Paul Varcoe

    Paul Varcoe Executive Producer

  9. Photo of Jörg Westerkamp

    Jörg Westerkamp Executive Producer

  10. Photo of Robert Whitehouse

    Robert Whitehouse Executive Producer

  11. Photo of Terrence Yason

    Terrence Yason Executive Producer

  12. Photo of Alan Balladur

    Alan Balladur Producer

  13. Photo of Thomas Fischer

    Thomas Fischer Producer

  14. Photo of Steve Richards

    Steve Richards Producer

  15. Photo of Terence Ryan

    Terence Ryan Producer

  16. Photo of Ken Tuohy

    Ken Tuohy Producer

  17. Photo of Raymond Friel

    Raymond Friel Screenplay

  18. Photo of Derek Boyle

    Derek Boyle Screenplay

  19. Photo of Eamon Friel

    Eamon Friel Screenplay

  20. Photo of Bryan Loftus

    Bryan Loftus Cinematography

  21. Photo of Stephen Dorff

    Stephen Dorff Cast

  22. Photo of Sean Pertwee

    Sean Pertwee Cast

  23. Photo of Jamie Foreman

    Jamie Foreman Cast

  24. Photo of Russell Smith

    Russell Smith Cast

  25. Photo of Bronagh Gallagher

    Bronagh Gallagher Cast

  26. Photo of Jeremy Gibbs

    Jeremy Gibbs Editing

  27. Photo of Jon Bunker

    Jon Bunker Production Design

  28. Photo of Tom Green

    Tom Green Music

  29. Photo of Erika Ökvist

    Erika Ökvist Costume Design

  30. Photo of Alan Smyth

    Alan Smyth Cast

  31. Photo of Norma Sheahan

    Norma Sheahan Cast

  32. Photo of Jaime Murray

    Jaime Murray Cast

  33. Photo of Hugh O'Conor

    Hugh O'Conor Cast

  34. Photo of Geoff Bell

    Geoff Bell Cast