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  1. Photo of Nobuhiko Obayashi

    Nobuhiko Obayashi Director

  2. Photo of Haruo Satoh

    Haruo Satoh Screenplay

  3. Photo of Shinobu Yamada

    Shinobu Yamada Screenplay

  4. Photo of Saburoh Bouya

    Saburoh Bouya Cast

  5. Photo of Sen Hara

    Sen Hara Cast

  6. Photo of Yasufumi Hayashi

    Yasufumi Hayashi Cast

  7. Photo of Wakaba Irie

    Wakaba Irie Cast

  8. Photo of Guts Ishimatsu

    Guts Ishimatsu Cast

  9. Photo of Shigeru Izumiya

    Shigeru Izumiya Cast

  10. Photo of Jun'ichirô Katagiri

    Jun'ichirô Katagiri Cast

  11. Photo of Nenji Kobayashi

    Nenji Kobayashi Cast

  12. Photo of Tôru Minegishi

    Tôru Minegishi Cast

  13. Photo of Tomokazu Miura

    Tomokazu Miura Cast

  14. Photo of Toshie Negishi

    Toshie Negishi Cast

  15. Photo of Toshinori Omi

    Toshinori Omi Cast

  16. Photo of Koichi Sato

    Koichi Sato Cast

  17. Photo of Makoto Satō

    Makoto Satō Cast

  18. Photo of Jô Shishido

    Jô Shishido Cast

  19. Photo of Aiko Shouriki

    Aiko Shouriki Cast

  20. Photo of Riki Takeuchi

    Riki Takeuchi Cast

  21. Photo of Kumeko Uchibe

    Kumeko Uchibe Cast

  22. Photo of Isako Washio

    Isako Washio Cast

  23. Photo of Akira Ôizumi

    Akira Ôizumi Cast

  24. Photo of Michio Morioka

    Michio Morioka Producer

  25. Photo of Kyoko Obayashi

    Kyoko Obayashi Executive Producer

  26. Photo of Shirô Sasaki

    Shirô Sasaki Executive Producer

  27. Photo of Shohei Hayashi

    Shohei Hayashi Sound